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Henry Melchior Muhlenberg and the Colonial Lutheran Church


Colonial Lutheran Churches and Historic Sites in Eastern Pennsylvania


Fundamental Instruction: Justus Falckner's Catechism

by Martin Kessler


The Journey of Justus Falckner 

by Kim-Eric Williams


Redware Luther Rose Ornament


The Notebook of a Colonial Clergyman by T.G. Tappert and J. W. Doberstein


The Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenburg, 3 volume set


The Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenburg, volumes I and II


The Muhlenbergs of Pennsylvania by Paul A. Wallace


Pastors and Patriots

by Lisa Minardi


The History of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (1964)


The Gettysburg Seminary: History and Alumni Record (2 volume set) (1965)


Alumni Record of the Philadelphia Seminary (1964)


Philadelphia Seminary Biographical Record (1923)


History of the Gettysburg Seminary (1926)


Wounded Visions 

by Jonas Jonson


Ross Stover by Ross F. Hidy


A Strasbourger in America: John Frederick Ernst, Minister of the Gospel, Lutheran Denomination (1748-1805) by Edith von Zemenszky and Mary A. Redline


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