Personal Papers

Lutheran Archives Center holds a large number of collections of personal papers of Lutheran clergy, theologians and church workers. Examples include: from the 18th century, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg and Justus Henry Christian Helmuth; from the 19th century, Charles Porterfield Krauth, William Julius Mann and Beale Melancthon Schmucker; and from the 20th century, Henry Eyster Jacobs, Sr., Charles Michael Jacobs, Jr., O. Frederick Nolde, Theodore G. Tappert, and John H. P. Reumann. Personal papers are generally most useful to academic researchers studying specific topics in church history or theology. 

Manuscript Collections

Some collections contain a finding aid or inventory list. For those that do not have a listing, please contact us for more information at Please note that finding aids will be made available as collections are processed.

Ray F. Anderson

Rev. Ernst Frederick Bachmann (1870-1954)

Rev. E. Theodore Bachmann (1911-1995)

C.A. Baer

Rev. Henry H. Bagger

Rev. Ralph W. Bagger

Rev. U.E. Bauers 

Rev. Dr. Gustaves Bechtold

John Bender

Rev. Charles Theodore Benze

Rev. W.T. Benze

William C. Berkemeyer

Schuyler Brossman 

Rev. Harold E.B. Brubeck

Rev. Buehler 

Krider Clobert

Rev. Dr. William H. Cooper

Rev. Elmer Deibert 

J.W. Doberstein

Rev. Dr. Paul C. Empie (1909-1979)

Henry Endress

Rev. Fritz Otto Evers

Pastor Robert M. Feist (1921-2002)

Rev. Carl Frederick Wilhem Ficken

Rev. Emil Eisenhardt Fischer

Wayne W. Floyd

John Franklin Cressman Fluck

Lewis F. Foltz

Professor Karlfried Froehlich

Rev. Franklin Drewes Fry

Dr. Gaise


Rev. Frederick Harry Goos

John K. Gottschall

Rev. Arthur E. Greenwalt Sr.

Rev. Gulbrandsen

Rev. Raymond Heckman Pastoral Collection

Rev. Henry H. Heins

Dr. Mahlon Hellerich

Dr. Adolph Hellwege

Henkel Family Association Papers (1795-1924) (#2023.0012.001)

Rev. David Henkel M.S.S.

William de Heyman 

Rev. William Chester Hill

Rev. William W. Hill

Rev. Paul Edward Hoffman

Rev. Dr. Edward Trail Horn III

Rev. Dr. Henry Eyster Horn Collection, 1934-2007

Rev. William M. Horn

Pastor A.R. Horne 

Rev. Charles Frederick William Hoppe

Rev. Thomas T. Iaeger (1826-1888)

Rev. Charles Michael Jacobs

Rev. Henry Eyster Jacobs


Jehu Jones

S.E. Kidd

Rev. C. Leighton King 

1 box of unprocessed papers related to 


John Klein

Rev. Edwin H. Knudten

Johannes Koch/John Cooke

Rev. Howard Kuhnle

Rev. James F. Lambert

Rev. Robert M. Lamparter (19172010) Lutheran Church Postcard Collection 


Dr. Charles A. Linn

Phyllis Linn

George Long, Jr.

W.J. Mann

Rev. John Matthiesen

Rev. D. Menges

Rev. Klaus Molzahn

Rev. Carl H. Moyer

Rev. H.H. Moyer

W.O. Moyer

Henry Melchior Muhlenberg

John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg

O. Frederick Nolde

John Nurser

Ole Peterson

Ernst P. Pfatteicher

Rev. Richard Porritt

Paul Ruff

John H.P. Reumann Papers, 1892–2008

Rev. William C. Roeger

Leslie Ross Photograph/Poster Collection

Rev. Dr. William Seaman

C.W. Schaffer 

Rev. Charles Frederick Schaeffer Pastoral Records, 1827-1875

Rev. E.J.F. Schantz

Pastor Carl Schaum

Scheib Family

Ernst G. Schidt

Rev. Claude F. Schick

Karl Schild

Theodore G. Schmauk

Rev. Edward G. Schmickel

Frances M. Schmickel


Rev. Beale Melanchton Schmucker

Emil Schneider

Karl Schneider

J. Seiss

Rev. Merwyn L. Shelly (1909–1991) Pastoral Collection, 1933-1987

Francis Allen Shrearer

Rev. Howard E. Snyder

Adolph Spaeth

Wolfgang Splitter 

Rev. Marvin Stettler

Rev. Dr. Richard Stewart

Rev. Dr. John M. Strodel

The Rev. Theodore G. Tappert Papers, 1917-1973 (#2023.0045.001)

The Rev. Theodore G. Tappert Pastor Biographical Research Files, 1950–1965 (#1979.001.03LF.130)

A.H. Tiemeyer

John W. Tomlinson Jr.

J.H. Voss

Dr. Rev. T.J. Wengert Papers

J.W. Whetstone Architecture Files

Rev. Andrew J. White


Mildred Winston 

Eleanor Woodroffe 

Carl F. Yaeger

H.O. Zbinden


Book of Concord Archives

Inner Mission of Philadelphia Papers Collected by Rev. G.H. Bechtold

Lankenau School for Girls Photographic Slides, 1930s-1979

Lutheran Liturgical Association Memoirs, 1904

Mission Resources Institute

St. Ambrose Society

Safe Streets Committee Inc.

The Woman's Mission Society In the General Council